The Beatles on The Simpsons

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Season 2
  • (7F04) A Halloween Ep.- The opening credits pass by a graveyard with one of the stones reading "Paul McCartney" (Ref. Paul is Dead)
  • (7F05) Marge tells Bart about peace and Love and Homer says "Stop talking about that Maharishi Ghandi Stuff!".
  • (7F12) Reverend Lovejoy (after Krusty the Klown is arrested for armed robbery) calls for a public burning off all things Krusty (reminiscent of the public Beatle merch burning that follwed John's 'bigger than Jesus' comments.
  • (7F15) Patty and Selma's co workers Stanley and Martha Peterson's wedding vows include two lines from the song "Martha My Dear".
  • (7F18)Ringo Starr Guest-Star(r)s as himself:
  • Bart states: "Hey, who's the Mop-Top with the big Schnozz?!"
  • Marge had a schoolgirl crush on Ringo ("a likely story" Homer comments)
  • Ringo lives "somewhere in England" seemingly in a castle still answering his mid-60s fan mail with a butler named Weatherby. His favourite colour is blue and he is partial to "tea and crumpets".
  • Ringo replies to Marge's letter (sent 1966) and confirms we have "French Fries" in England (but we call them "chips"). He thinks her portrait is "Gear"!
  • (Ringo's 'It Don't Come Easy' is featured).
  • Mr. Burns remembers the Beatles "off-key caterwalling on the old Sullivan Show".
    Season 3
  • (8F05) Krusty's office wall contains a photo of Krusty with the Beatles c. 1964; At the Simpsons house, Krusty finds a video-tape of George's "Concert for Bangladesh".
  • (8F06) An orchestral version of 'Golden Slumbers' accompanies a Homer dream sequence. This sequence is repeated in (9F17) but with different music.
  • (8F21) Homer's version of 'Spanish Flea' includes a lyric about The Beatles.
    Season 4
  • (9F15) Lisa's dentist dream sequence turns into a missing scene from the Yellow Submarine film ("Look, it's Lisa in the sky", "No diamonds though").
    Season 5
  • (9F21) Marge's portrait of Ringo (7F18) is on her swapmeet stall.
  • 'Meet the Be Sharps' LP cover is a parody of "With the Beatles".
  • Moe's Tavern is translated into Moe's CAVERN for this VERY Beatle-y episode.
  • The sacking of Wiggum and the 'anti-Barney' protests echo the sacking of Pete Best, and his replacement with Ringo in 1962.
  • After recording 'Baby on Board' Nigel says "Gentlemen you have just recorded your first number 1" - allegedly what George Martin said after the Beatles recorded "Please Please Me".
  • Nigel getting Homer to keep his marriage a secret echoes Brian Epstein's similar instructions to John Lennon.
  • The JFK Airport and Press Conference scenes are directly lifted from the Beatles arrival in America in February 1964 (even down to Barney/Ringo combining his hair!).
  • HOMER MEETS GEORGE (George Harrison Guest-Stars as himself):
  • Homer: "Then came the greatest moment of my life"
  • George: "Hello Homer, I'm George Harrison"
  • Homer: "Oh my God! Where did you get that Brownie?!"
  • The Be Sharps merchandising - lunch boxes, mugs, (poisonous) funny foam (cf. the 60s Beatles merchandising craze).
  • Bart: "What did you do, screw up like the Beatles and say you were bigger than Jesus?".
  • Homer: "All the time. It was the title of our second album!".
  • The "Bigger than Jesus" cover parodies "Abbey Road" (except the B-Sharps are walking on water instead of a road).
  • The "Meet the Be Sharps" back cover parodies the back cover of "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band".
  • Peter Vesuwalla suggests Homer getting the idea for 'Baby on Board' from a car sign may refer to John gaining inspiration for "Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite" from a poster.
  • A parody of the infamous "Get Back" session photo of the Beatles looking sick and glum.
  • Barney's new girlfriend "the Japanese conceptual artist".
  • Barney and his new G/F decide to do some experimental music: "Number 8!".
  • The rooftop reunion at Moe's, an (uncannily accurate) parody of the rooftop gig in "Let it Be".
  • George: "It's been done!"
  • After their performance: Homer: "I'd like to thank you on behalf of the group, and I hope we've passed the audition!".
  • The shortening (almost) of Apu's name (ala Ringo).
  • The chorus of "The Surgeon General Song" is remincent of "I am the Walrus".
  • (1F14) Homer & Ned visit the "Helter Shelter".
  • (1F16) Deprogrammer: "My greatest achievement was getting Paul McCartney out of Wings."
  • Homer: "You idiot! He was the most talented one!"
  • (1F18) Joe Cocker's cover of 'With a Little Help From My Friends' accompanies the 'Wonder Years'/ home-movie opening sequence.
    Season 6
  • (1F22) Springfield waxworks contained an exhibit of the Beatles as they appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Unfortunately, they've melted in the heatwave.
  • (2F02) Lisa describes Sideshow Bob as "Ringo to his rest of the Beatles".
  • (2F06) One of the corrections "Rock Bottom" offers is "The Beatles haven't reunited to enter kick-boxing competitions".
  • (2F14) Barney smokes a cigar without removing the wrapper, and sees "Sgt. Pepper" growing out of Homer's back.
  • (2F22) The wig Bart wears when infiltrating the Shelbyville gang: "makes him look a lot like one of the Beatles".
    Season 7
  • (2F20) The DNA database includes the names of Paul, George and Ringo.
  • Lisa states: "I read about you in history class!".
  • Apu performs "Sgt. Peppers' Lonely Hearts Club Band" on the tabla.
  • Apu's claim to be "the fifth Bee-atle" (a "Help" film reference) cannot entirely be discounted. Though, Paul does say "Sure you were, Apu...".
  • The "Maharishi Period" is mentioned (see (7F05)
  • Paul *isn't* dead, apparently! (see (7F04)
  • Paul states: "She's Leaving Home?".
  • Homer looks in an ancient pram in front of a brick-wall, drawn from the imagery of the European cinema trailer for "A Hard Days Night".
  • Linda mentions "Apu's garden in the shade". 'Maybe I'm Amazed' plays over the credits.
  • (3F10) The Lovejoys' and Flanders' bowling team is called, "Holy Rollers", inspired by the lyrics of "Come Together"?
  • (3F09) The Ringo portrait (7F18) is seen.
  • (3F15) A picture of Ringo Starr appears at Pimento Grove (where Troy McClure takes Selma for dinner).
    Season 8
  • (4F02) The Ringo portrait from 7F18 is seen again.
  • (4F06) The opening 'couchgag' is a parody of the "Sgt. Pepper's" LP cover. The opening music segues into the closing A-chord from "A Day in the Life". The entire sequence seems to have been influenced by the opening to the 1987 British South Bank Show documentary "The Making of Sgt. Pepper" which featured an animatation of the LP cover.
  • (3F24) During Homer's 'trip' Jasper (almost) quotes from 'I Am the Walrus' (Not quite 'Goo Goo Goo Joob', but close enough); Several viewers have suggested that Barney Gumble's echoing belch when Homer is hallucinating may be a reference to the final chord in "A Day in the Life";
  • The pyramid-thing that Homer climbs to see the coyote/fox looks exactly like the one Old Fred had to climb in "Yellow Submarine";
  • While running around in a hallucination; an old man states to Homer "Goo Goo G'Joob!".
    Season 10
  • (AABF16) When Bart turns the senior citizens loose, they re-enact the "Can't Buy Me Love" field sequence from A Hard Days Night (they don't, however, use The Beatles' recording of 'CBML'). Also, on the end titles an album cover that looks suspiciously like the A Hard Day's Night LP cover is seen, with 4 moptop haircuts and the title "A Bart Day's Night".
  • (AABF17) Episode title "Monty Can't Buy Me Love"
  • OTHER (I don't know which season they were in):
  • - In the episode in which Homer tries to bee a Hippie, the closing credits feature Homer screaming his version of "Up Town Girl" (his 'song of protest'), and at the very end, when he's done singing, Home screams out "I BURIED FLANDERS!" (a reference to the Paul is Dead Rumor that at the end of "Strawberry Fields Forever" John says "I buried Paul". Anthology #2, however, will go to prove John ACTUALLY said "Cranberry Sauce").

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